E-Challenge II for Energy Efficiency

The DTE E-Challenge II for Energy Efficiency features advanced lighting technology demonstrations by two Farmington Hills-based companies: Illuminating Concepts and Lumecon. 

Illuminating Concepts installed its Intellistreets technology on the upper deck of the South Lafayette parking structure in Royal Oak while Lumecon demonstrated several LED light control systems at the Detroit Zoo. 

At each demonstration site, a team from Lawrence Technological University measured and validated energy usage data to confirm that each project meets the energy savings outcomes proposed by each company. 

See the technologies in action!

Intellistreets—developed by Michigan-based Illuminating Concepts, Ltd.—partnered with the City of Royal Oak to outfit four lighting poles throughout the upper deck of the South Lafayette parking... read more

Farmington Hills-based Lumecon is partnering with the Detroit Zoo to outfit wireless LED light control systems in the Great Ape Exhibit, surrounding the iconic Detroit Zoo watertower and along... read more