Strategic Energy Plan

DTE Strategic Energy Plan Program

The DTE Strategic Energy Plan program provides tools to help you establish your energy management program, starting with a plan.

Introduction to Energy Management

The Introduction to Energy Management is a high-level overview of the basics of Energy Management and the DTE Strategic Energy Plan program. This is a great place to start if you’re new to energy management. Download a copy here.

Energy Management Toolbox

The Energy Management Toolbox is an excel-based spreadsheet that contains best practices for universities and college campuses, energy and project tools, and a campus-wide view of energy performance dashboard. Toolbox user manuals are also included. Download the EM Toolbox and Manuals here:

EM Toolbox - E-Challenge for Colleges & Universities

EM Toolbox Administrative Manual v2.2

EM Toolbox User Manual v2.3

Energy Management Handbook Development Guide

The Energy Management Handbook Development Guide contains technical considerations and advice for starting up your energy management program as well as examples from colleges and universities across the globe. It discusses topics such as benchmarking, applying for utility rebates, and managing energy projects. The template serves as framework for creating the guiding principles of your energy team and energy management program. Download the Energy Management Handbook Development Guide for Colleges and Universities here.

DTE Energy Smart Team Support

DTE’s energy managers will provide training and support to help you create your energy management plan. Our team of energy experts will help you establish your Energy Management Toolbox, assess your buildings, and estimate energy savings potential. More information on DTE Energy Manager support will be provided after submittal of the E-Challenge application.

University Energy Management Plan Judging

Creating a mature energy management program involves maturity in seven components, which are divided into two phases: the planning phase and the implementation phase. For the purposes of this E-Challenge, the planning phase will be developed by the university, with support from DTE energy managers, through the DTE Strategic Energy Plan program. Each plan will be judged by a panel of experts. The panel will choose the universities with the most comprehensive plans to be awarded support for the implementation phase through the DTE SEM program.

Judging will be based on the components of the program below (based on ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management, ISO 50001, and Department of Energy’s 50001 Ready program). The university’s plan submitted for the E-challenge should clearly demonstrate how they have accomplish the objectives of the first three components: Make A Commitment, Assess Performance, and Set Goals.  Judging will be based on the area of the Energy Management Toolbox and Handbook as noted below.