Strategic Energy Management

DTE Strategic Energy Management Program

The DTE Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program provides the tools and support to help implement your energy management program. Successful applicant(s) who have developed comprehensive energy management plans are awarded the chance to participate in DTE’s SEM program. SEM provides a holistic long-term approach that guides customers to manage energy use with a focus on business practice change and commitment from executive management, facility management, and facility staff to reduce energy waste and improve energy intensity. At its foundation, SEM promotes commitment, planning, energy management education, measurement of energy performance, and continuous improvement. SEM equips and enables facility management and staff to impact consumption through operational and behavioral change.

DTE’s SEM program is a 12-24-month engagement instilling and promoting SEM best practices that include:

  • Executive Commitment - Engages and commits executives to long term strategic energy performance improvement
  • Holistic View - Focuses on a whole facility view of energy performance and low cost no cost improvements
  • Continuous Improvement - Provides an approach to continually monitor, improve, and sustain building performance at a high level to ensure persistence of savings

SEM Benefits

  • No-cost technical assistance
  • Energy performance model and tracking
  • Up to $23,000 in incentives
    • $13,000 Energy savings incentives ($0.04/kWh and $0.30/Therm)
    • $10,000 SEM staffing grant activities
  • Process for continuous improvement
  • 2% to 5% energy savings